Popular Kannywood actress Maryam Booth has been in the public hearing for about two days now due to the release of a short video clip showing her fully nude on social media.

This viral video got so many reactions on social media even as it left a lot of people speechless. Up until now, its still unclear who released the short video even though everyone accused her ex, Ibrahim Ahmed Rufai who is popularly called Deezell, a popular musical artiste from the North too.

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According to an insider, Maryam did an advert deal worth 25 million naira and Deezell had tried to blackmail her into giving him 10 million out of it else he releases the video.

It is also gathered that the video was shot by a friend of hers and it was taken long after she stopped dating the guy. You could see her surprise when she noticed she was being filmed and tried to snatched the phone.

Although, Deezell has denied knowing about this, but it has been gathered that he had sent the short clips to her friends and colleagues at a time before now, after he kept on extorting her.

The reason for Deezell’s action is unknown, inhuman and no one deserves to experience such wickedness!

Though, so many reactions which have brought different unpleasant comments online, even coming from ladies, looking at that video, you would have noticed her trying to snatch the phone off whoever was recording her immediately she realized she was being filmed, this means, it was done without her consent.

The actress has released a statement in the closing hours of Saturday night after a long time of not speaking.

Here is her statement:



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