19-year-old lady Meilani Parks and her 43-year-old youthful mom, Joleen Diaz, often get mistaken for sisters by strangers despite the 23-year age gap between them.

The two, from northern California enjoy a close relationship with each other and they spend most of their time going out together.

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Sharing about her youthful looks, Joleen said she keeps her skin looking as youthful as her daughter’s by keeping a good old-fashioned clean living.

 Meet mother and daughter who look so much alike, they are often mistaken for sisters despite 23-year age gap (Photos)

The ageless woman said, ‘I’ve always lived a healthy, active lifestyle. I rarely drink alcohol, I get a lot of rest, and eat a balanced, healthy diet.’ 

Joleen’s beauty regime is centered around skincare, she believes the key to retaining the appearance of her skin was starting early, at the age of 12.

She explained further, ‘I don’t think she minds. While she was growing up, she would often hear people tell me they thought my mother was my sister. I was pretty young when I had her, so it’s not entirely impossible that we could be sisters.’


‘I religiously take care of my skin, and everyday wash my face in the morning and before I go to bed. I began taking care of my skin at a young age, around 12 or 13. My mom used to buy Mary Kay and I would secretly use her skincare products.

‘Meilani and I have never gone clubbing or partying together. And I don’t foresee us doing that anytime in the near future. I’ve had my share of doing both and these days I’d rather stay home, drink a nice cup of hot tea, and watch a good movie, the young mom said. 

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