A Nigerian has created an AI software to tackle stealing from stores, that is retail theft.

Abdulhakim Bashir, from Katsina, Nigeria, created Chiniki Guard, an AI software that senses a suspicious action or theft and sends a notification to a mobile application.

In 2019, Abdulhakim Bashi won the best AI startup award after a contest with other AI startups across the globe at the GITEX 2019 annual tech event in Dubai.

He emerged the winner in the artificial intelligence (AI) category out of 157 contestants from 73 countries in the Gulf Technology Exhibition, thanks to his innovative application, the Chiniki Guard (CG).

Abdulhakim Bashir is the outstanding personality featured on the latest episode of First Class Material, a documentary that highlights the work exemplary Nigerians are doing locally and internationally.

Bashir told Linda Ikeji TV,  that the inspiration to provide a solution to retail theft when he designed his first product, Chiniki, an eCommerce platform.

Chiniki in means “to bargain”, its an Hausa language. With Chiniki, Bashir was trying to get retailers online so as to bring them nearer to their customers.

However, he said he realized then that the primary challenge for retailers wasn’t going online but it was about inventory management and theft.

As a result, he came up with an app that helps business owners preempt theft and provide solutions.

Bashir explained how he combined schooling and working an 8 to 5 job while still working on the Chiniki Guard project.

He has employed many Nigerians, especially from the north who work in his technology outfit.

Watch video below:

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