Adams Oshiomhole has said his first speech at the National Working Committee as he led the committee after returning to his duties as National Chairman of All Progressives Congress.

Speaking at the Committee on Tuesday, in an attitude of reconciliation, the APC Chairman urged his colleagues to put the interests of Nigerians first.

He said though his leadership style might not go down well with some people but what they can’t fault is his sincerity of purpose.

He also said that the first post-crisis NWC should be devoted to “having a conversation around the deadly coronavirus”, he went further to say that recent challenges the party had to deal with were inevitable in a democratic milieu.

Adams Oshiomhole, holding his ‘rival’  Victor Giadom, said, “If it is one hour that we spend here, let us have a conversation around this issue.”

According to him, it should be an issue of concern that other countries were closing their international borders to contain the spread of the virus but Nigeria has yet to follow suit.

Oshiomhole said, “Party Politics is about contestations. I am not the best chairman in the world and I don’t claim to be so, you can fault my style but you cannot fault my sincerity.

The NWC is not divided. None of us seated here wants to destroy our party. My style is my style but I’ve learnt to reconcile my style with the style of others.”

The meeting, which is underway had most members of the 21 member NWC irrespective of which side they took during the crisis in attendance.

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