Italy now has the worst case in the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic as the European country record highest rate of 475 deaths in a day.

Onyxnewsng understands that China where the disease broke out in December is not recording up to such number of deaths in a 24 hours.

According to BBC, Lombardy, the worst-hit region in Italy, recorded 319 deaths in one day.

The online news platform learnt that just last week, councillor in charge of cemeteries, Giacomo Angeloni, at Bergamo, said patients are now buried every thirty minutes. Bergamo is a town in the Lombardy.

We are facing an emergency there is no doubting that. We are having a burial every half an hour. We had 18 on Saturday, 44 over Sunday and Monday, 33 on Tuesday and 51 on Wednesday. We’ve had to close Bergamo cemetery for the time being to cope,” Giacomo said.

The country had earlier ordered a lock down in the entire northern region which has a population of 16 million people to check the spread of the disease.

Similarly, in Iran, 147 people died of coronavirus within 24 hours, the highest to be recorded in the country in a day.

The death toll in the country has now risen to 1,135.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Iran deputy health minister, Alireza Raisi said: “Now everyone knows about this disease, and what is very strange is that some don’t take it seriously.”

He said if people help, they can control it, and if not, they should expect it to last more than two months.

The deputy minister said 1,192 new infections were also confirmed in the past 24 hours, raising the total cases to 17,161.

He added that Tehran province had the highest number of new cases, 213.

An Iranian diplomat, Hussein Sheikholeslam had died of coronavirus, and about 23 Iranian members of parliament had tested positive for the deadliest disease.

Death rates have also risen to 558 in Spain where the authorities recorded 60 deaths within a day.

Head of the country’s health emergency centre, Fernando Simon said the number of cases have risen from a previous tally of 11,178 cases and 491 fatalities as at Tuesday.

Reacting to this development, the country’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez said: “We have never lived through anything like this. And our society, which had grown used to changes that expand our possibilities of knowledge, health and life, now finds itself in a war to defend all we have taken for granted.”

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