Football club, Bayern Munich have defeated Paris Saint-Germain to win their sixth UEFA Champions League title.

OnyxNews Nigeria

Bayern Munich beat PSG by 1-0, courtesy of almost 60th-minute goal by Kingsley Coman.

Joshua Kimmich had four teammates to target at but finds Coman unmarked at the back post. Coman subsequently sent a strong downward header into the bottom corner.

In the 22nd minutes, Robert Lewandowski missed a goal. He received the ball in the opponent’s penalty area, shot from the turn, but the ball ended up on the post.

Bayern defeated PSG and spoilt their chances of coming out as winners in the Champions League in their first time to reach the UCL final.

For the first time since 1998, the Champions League final featured two teams who entered the competition as domestic champions, a throwback to the days of the old European Cup when only a country’s title champions were allowed to enter.

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