12-Year-Old Girl Danielle McCraven may die if she takes her bath or touches water.

Danielle McCraven, from Haughton, Louisiana, may die if she does anything that makes her get in contact with water such as bath or swimming.

This is because she is suffering from an allergy called aquagenic urticaria. This is a rare condition that is said to affect only about 100 people in the world.

When she weeps or sweats, painful hives break out of her dedicated skin. This has prevented her from taking her bath or fulfilling her childhood dream of swimming.

In a report by Daily Mail, she started developing painful and itchy rashes whenever she comes in contact with water. Now she has to carry EpiPen in case she experiences or goes into anaphylactic shock.

Danielle’s mum, Sari, said “It’s painful and really hard for her. I don’t know what’s going through her head because it’s miserable for her. The 39 year old mum, said Danielle used to love swimming, and she was in tears last summer when she couldn’t go swimming with her friends.”

Explaining how the deadly and rare condition has affected her daughter, Sari said: “It can cause her to go into anaphylactic shock, or it can get into her lungs if she has a bad break out, so it is life-threatening.”

Sari also explained that Danielle is allergic to saltwater, bottled water, and tap water, but the water can be ingested into her body.

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She also noted that while Danielle use drugs to take her bath, she must be properly supervised in order for her not to die.


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