Anyone Who Falls Under The Anointing & Break Anything Will Pay“— A Nigerian Pastor Has Warned His Church Members.

The pastor recently complained about the manner in which members of his church worshipped.

In already gone viral video, the man of God can be seen issuing out a warning to members who are fond of falling under the anointing and destroying things in the church.

According to him, members who were guilty of this would henceforth pay for any damages caused.

A church member falling under the anointing.

For most Christians, falling under the control of the Holy Spirit especially during worship is something they look forward to and enjoy.

However, it appears this man of God has had enough.

In a recent video which has already gone viral, the cleric can be seen on the pulpit issuing a funny warning to members of his church about how they ‘fall‘.

Complaining about the number of church equipment that had been damaged due to people falling under the anointing, he warned that the next person to fall and break anything would be forced to pay.

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He said: “For those of you that like to fall under anointing, if you fall under anointing and break anything, you’ll pay. From today, it is break and pay. Any spirit that breaks anything in this church again will pay.

And then talking about the camera, the pastor said: “This camera is one million oh, if you’re falling under anointing, don’t go there. Tell the demon inside of you not to go this camera o.”

Watch the video below…

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