A Policeman has been suspended for kissing a woman he arrested for breaking COVID-19 rules in Peru.

The woman who was arrested for disodisobeying  the COVID-19 rules managed to convince the police officer to kiss her in exchange for her penalty.

A video that captured the incident shows the woman drawing close to the Peruvian police officer as he was about to write her a notice for breaking coronavirus restrictions.

The officer then lost his sense of control and tilted towards the female lawbreaker before locking lips with her in the open while in his uniform.

OnyxNews Nigeria gathered in a report by Daily Mail, the unnamed officer was forced to temporarily leave his job amid an ongoing investigation carried out by authorities in the Peruvian capital Lima.

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The officer’s suspension became inevitable after a local TV station obtained the footage of the moment he threw professionalism to the dogs and had a romantic moment with the lady with reckless abandon.

In the video already going viral, the not yet known lady could be seen drawing dangerously near to the officer who hesitated for only a few seconds before he changed his mind and planted a kiss on her lips.

See the video below:

The mayor of the district of Miraflores in the Peruvian capital Lima decided to suspend the officer pending the outcome of an investigation which has been initiated into the incident which has got many people reacting.

Our mayor Luis Molina has taken the decision to suspend this officer immediately.

“There are several infringements. The young woman disrespects social distancing rules and he allows it.

“Then he takes off his mask to give her a kiss,” Ibero Rodriguez, head of citizen security for the district as having said.

Ibero Rodriguez added that although this is the first time the errant officer has found himself in such ignominious trouble, the offence he has committed cannot be glossed over.

This action by itself is a very serious one and that’s why he’s been suspended,” he said.

Reports say the woman whose tempting mannerisms got the police officer into trouble was later intercepted in Malecon de la Marina, (Miraflores Boardwalk) which runs by the Pacific Ocean.

Peru is one of the hardest-hit countries by the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 44,000 deaths recorded since the start of the pandemic, as announced by authorities on Tuesday.

Reports say, as if that was not devastating enough, the country is currently battling a second wave of the virus which has been deadlier than the first.

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