Like Biafra, Group Has Revealed Security Outfit For Oduduwa Republic.

OnyxNews Nigeria reports that a group of agitators on Tuesday, launched a security outfit known as Operation Paramole for the actualization of their proposed Yoruba nation.

The group announced the development on the micro-blogging site Twitter, “@OdudwaRepublic.”

The post read: “Oduduwa Nation Security Force, Code Name: Operation Paramole. Awọn ẹṣọ oludaabo ilẹ Ooduwa (Security personnel for Yorubaland). God bless our land. Yoruba Nation Warriors, Ogun State Chapter. This is the first batch from Ogun State.”

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The same group had earlier revealed a sample of the proposed currency notes for Yoruba Nation or Oduduwa Republic, saying it would be more valuable than US dollar.

The group at the time posted images of the proposed notes on its Twitter handle @OduduwaRepublic.

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Oduduwa National Currency shall be called ‘FADAKA’ Meaning Silver .. or short as just ‘FAD’ Here is a 20 Fadaka Sample Banknote,” the tweet read.

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