An unnamed child has been born with three penises, the first ever in the world to be born that way, according to doctors in the country.

The child from Duhok city, Iraq, has a rare condition called triphallia and it was diagnosed after three months when his parents discovered swelling in his scrotum.

Experts say the boy has a rare condition called triphallia, the first case ever reported in the world.

The unidentified baby was three months old when it was discovered.

The child’s parents discovered swelling in his scrotum and “two skin projections”.

Keeping the doctors in surprised mood. They later realised that those skin projections were actually penises – 2cm and 1cm in length – with only one of the extra two having a head.

Only one was functional so the other two — attached to the shaft of his actual penis and bottom of his scrotum — were surgically removed.

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Meanwhile, doctors explained that one in every five to six million boys is born with more than one penis, with around 100 cases of diphallia, and two penises have been recorded in the world.

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