See What This Woman Is Seen Doing To A Man In Public.

Humans are bound to have little differences in relationship but not being physical in everything.

Assaulting or physically abusing someone whether male or female is against the law and has repercussions. This is why people on Twitter are calling for the arrest of the woman in this video.

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The woman is seen on the side of the road on top of a man and beating him up. He is heard crying out for help and saying in Zulu that “she is cheating on me but also beats me.

A few other voices can be heard of other people urging to stand up to the woman.

Many people had a lot to say about this as some individuals wondered why he as not retaliating. Someone said this is gender based violence but because it is a man it might go unnoticed.

Another person said he is afraid of slapping the woman back because he might face jail term.

The people around this fight did not even attempt to help the man and were laughing at him. Men also suffer from gender based violence and some women get away with it.

Watch video below..

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