Buhari In Fresh Trouble Over Twitter Ban.

Onyxnews reports that the US administration has warned Nigeria’s government to quickly lift its Twitter ban, claiming that doing so would be equal to suppressing free speech. In a statement released on Wednesday, Samantha Power, the administrator of the US Agency for International Development, stated as much.

She said that Nigeria has approximately 40 million Twitter users and that the ban must be lifted immediately.

Nigeria has roughly 40 million Twitter users, and it is home to Africa’s largest digital hub.” ““Immediately lift the Twitter ban” “This suspension is a state-sanctioned suppression of free expression, and it should be lifted immediately.”

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The US embassy in Nigeria had previously released a statement on its Facebook page, stating that the restriction was an infringement on the right to freedom of the people.

The constitution of Nigeria guarantees freedom of expression. Nigerians’ ability to exercise this essential freedom has been harmed by the government’s recent #Twitterban, which sends a negative message to people, investors, and businesses.”

“Banning social media and restricting citizens’ ability to seek, receive, and impart information jeopardizes fundamental liberties. Our need for individual speech, open public debate, and accountability, as President Biden noted, has never been greater. More communication, not less, is the key to a more secure Nigeria, as are concerted efforts toward unity, peace, and prosperity.”

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