Popular Pastor Makes Scaring Revelation About Buhari And Nnamdi Kanu.

A Popular pastor, Obinna Akukwe, has revealed plot by some unnamed Nigeria politicians, to hire the services of a mafia group to assassinate the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu at his base in Europe.

Akukwe made this revelation on his Facebook page on Thursday,

Akukwe insisted that there was also plots by “Vaccinators” to poison Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The cleric stated that these events were to happen before October 1, 2021.

He warned that the plot was to create untold chaos in the country.

Akukwe warned of dire consequences, that would lead to flying the flag at half mast in Aso Rock, as well as very bloody conflict in Eastern Nigeria, if the warnings weren’t taken seriously.

Akukwe insisted that their assassinations would land Nigeria in a dangerous succession crisis, and could lead to a full blown conflict of unimaginable proportion in the country.

According to Akukwe, Buhari’s sin was his refusal to allow the mass vaccinating of Nigerians during the second phase of Covid-19 wave.

According to him, the conspirators, who he referres to as The deep State, viewed Buhari as unwilling tool in their desire to use Nigeria as a huge vaccine experiment.

Their efforts to make the Covid-19 Vaccine compulsory in Nigeria failed, and the deep state are shopping for a pliant replacement.

Akukwe stated that it was God that prevented the mass vaccinate Nigerians, and for the Deep State to blame on Buhari, showed that they were yet to understand that there is ‘God that ANSWERS Prayers in Africa’

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Akukwe stated, that in his New Year revelations, he stated that the larger casualties of Covid-19 would be politicians and top businessmen. He claimed that God would shield the masses from the second wave, stating that although people would die, the number would still be negligible, insisting that those who trust the vaccine, would surprised to see that many would survive without it.

According to Akukwe, the plot would be to poison President Muhammadu Buhari in the same manner as the Burundian and Tanzanian presidents, and would have his death termed heart attack.

Akukwe noted an article captioned ’Covid-19 Murder of Tanzanian, Burundian President, Nigerian Leaders Should Beware’ he said.

Akukwe stated that both Presidents were murdered, for rejecting the compulsory lockdown, and forced vaccinations of their people.

Akukwe claimed he had records of those who rejected the plot of vaccination, and who had been killed for rejecting the plot.  He insisted that his sources had warned in May 2020, that Anti-Covid Presidents in Africa, had been pegged for elimination, and stating that Burundi, Tanzania and Madagascar were included.

Akukwe sent a warning, to the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari to be careful, insisting that the Vaccinist conglomerates were not happy over his refusal to declare forced vaccination of people.

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Akukwe claimed that death of the former Chief of Army Staff, Major General Attahiru, was not an accident, but a dress rehearsal of plan B, should Buhari escaped the lethal poisoning. He accused those who that ruled Attahiru ‘s death as an accident, as being part of the conspiracy.

Akukwe insisted that the presidency was hiding many secrets from Nigerians, and stated that those secrets will soon engulf it and the entire nation.

He urged the Presidency to open up, and let well wishers help them. Akukwe listed that the emasculation of the president’s loyalists, the fake security assessment he was allegedly receiving, and the lousy manner he is attending to banditry menace, were grand-preparations to make his elimination acceptable to the masses.

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On Nnamdi Kanu, Akukwe stated that the IPOB leader has been marked for assassination by a mafia group in Europe, which was contracted by Northern politicains.

According to Akukwe, the politicians involved, believe that Nnamdi Kanu was deliberately causing the destruction of lives and properties of some sections of the country in the South East, and was dragging the nation to a conflict they don’t want.

According to him, they have deemed his assassination, as the cheapest route to end the conflict.

Akukwe pointed out that when he inquired how they will get at Kanu in the UK, his sources stated that the syndicate has been deployed for high profile inter-continental

Akukwe stated, that some politicians were already aware of the plot against Buhari, and were already making plans, for the formation of Interim National Government, once Buhari was out of the way.

Akukwe stated that he had done his part as a cleric, and activist, and would not be held responsible, if those mentioned, didn’t take him seriously.

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