Access Bank Opens Another Branch.

Access Bank South Africa Limited officially opened for business, on Monday, OnyxNews gathered.

With this development, the Nigerian commercial bank has vowed to help customers achieve their aspirations.

While speaking at the event, Access Bank CEO, Herbert Wigwe, said the SADC region represents the strongest economy on the African continent.

This means Access Bank SA is firmly seated in one of the principal geographical areas apart from Nigeria, in terms of the size of the economy, and unlocks the gateway to the entire Southern African region,” he said.

Wigwe highlighted Access Bank’s solid presence in Zambia too, saying the opening of the South African subsidiary cements the bank’s commitment to sub-Saharan Africa as a portal for exceptional banking opportunities across the continent.

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Building on the organisation’s vision of delivering a robust banking operation that connects key African markets, Bennie van Rooy, CEO of Access Bank SA, lauded the epoch-making event as “an exciting event for the South African banking industry”, and the provision of sustainable support to existing customers while appealing to new clients with a business presence across Africa.

As part of the robust Access Bank family, the South African operations look forward to contributing meaningfully to the achievements and ambitions of the Group. In offering a full suite of financial service products to a market we understand in-depth, Access Bank SA is delighted to grow the family footprint.”

Wigwe said the Group continues to focus on building relationships, as a partner in both businesses and in communities it serves. “It’s vital that our banking solutions give clients the advantage they need to grow sustainably, with access to smart solutions that help them reach greater goals.”

With its transactional account and online banking, commercial and asset finance, offshore investments and Forex requirements or deposit solutions, Access Bank puts the power of choice in clients’ hands.

Partnerships with all our clients mean power for them to achieve their aspirations, while Access Bank’s growth brings greater advantages in the financial sector. Like Bennie, I am excited to be on this path with the knowledge and experience of the continent that we share,” said Wigwe.

We look forward to the opportunities that present themselves with opening doors for individuals and businesses, and growing possibilities as we go.”

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