Meet Man Who Walks with thousands of bees on his body for over 30 years, watch the video below..

The unidentified man is a serial bee keeper. He is in fact, more than that.

The man is popular in his community for his ability to walk around with thousands of bees on his body without being stung.

A video by Afrimax captured how the man performed the incredible act.

In the video, the self-acclaimed king of bees explained that to make the insects lay on him, he first identifies and place the queen bee on his body.

Once this is successful, the other honey bees buzz towards him and make a camp on his body around the queen bee – a way of protecting the queen.

He gets the queen bee to maintain a static position on his body by tying the insect with a rope around his waist. The man said he has been keeping bees since his childhood.

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How he makes money as a bee keeper owing to the fame in his immediate environment, people disturbed by bees seek his services to help chase the insects away, this he does at a price.

He also sells off honey combs produced by the bees.

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Watch video below..


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