WAEC Registration 2022 Form Date, WAEC Registration Fee, WAEC Registration Deadline, WAEC Registration Pin Portal

Are you curious to know if the WAEC Registration 2022 has started? Will you also love to know how much the WAEC registration fee for 2022 is and how to buy the WAEC Pin and register online?

If yes, then this information will guide you through all registration information about WAEC 2022 for school candidates 2022.

When Will WAEC Registration For 2022 Start?

According to report, The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has approved the 8th February 2022 as the official date for the commencement of the WAEC SSCE 2022 registration.

2022 WAEC Registration will start from 8th February 2022, See the WAEC form price, the 2022 registration fee and the registration deadline below.

WAEC 2022 Requirements for Registration

Firstly, all the 2022 WAEC candidates that wish to register for the 2022 WAEC SSCE exam must meet the following requirements;

Registration Requirements:

National Identity Number (NIN): WAEC has announced that NIN is compulsory for the registration of the 2022 WAEC exam.

List of Subjects to register

Passport photographs

Addresses of the candidates


Personal Information/Data Required for Registration:

Additionally, you will have to provide the following personal information/data when registering for the exam;

If this is not exactly what you were looking or if you are bored reading this, try searching for another interesting information below


Valid Date of Birth (D.O.D)

A valid email

State of Origin

Local Government




Who is Qualifed to Register WAEC 2022?

The Federal Government along side the West African Examination Council Nigeria Branch, has aired the warning that it is only students in the Senior Secondary School Three (SS3) that are qualified to register and write the 2022 WAEC exam.

Can SS1 & SS2 Students Register WAEC? 

No! Students in the Senior Secondary School One (SS1) and Senior Secondary School Two (SS2) are not qualified/permitted by the West African Examination Council to register the 2022 WAEC exam.

How much is WAEC 2022 Form/Registration Fee this Year?

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced that the registration fee and the amount for the WAEC SSCE registration form for 2022 are as follows; School Candidates (Internal Candidates) registration fee: The registration fee for WAEC school candidates 2022 has been increased from Thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty naira (N13,950) to Eighteen Thousand Naira (N18,000).

SSCE Registration for School Candidates 2022

WAEC School candidates which are also called internal candidates are candidates that register their exam through schools via the general WAEC SSCE examination.

The registration fee for WAEC SSCE school candidates 2022 is Eighteen Thousand Naira (N18,000). Check below for the registration process.

All external WAEC candidates are to carry out their official registration on the official WAEC Portal while school candidates are to carry out their registration on the school portal as shown below;

School Candidates (Internal Candidates) Registration portal: The official portal for WAEC School Candidates is https://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/

External Candidates (Private Candidates) Registration portal: Visit the official portal for WAEC GCE external candidates here

How to Register WAEC 2022 Online

To register the 2022 WAEC online, kindly follow the steps as outlined below;

Visit https://registration.waecdirect.org/  or https://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/

Navigate to where you see “General Information

Click on “HOW TO REGISTER” to see the proper steps to register

Tap on “AVAILABLE SUBJECTS” to see the complete list of available WAEC subjects

Select, “AVAILABLE EXAM TOWNS” to see the full list of WAEC exam towns

Click “BIOMETRIC DATA CAPTURE SOFTWARE” to download the WAEC Biometric Data Capture Software

Tap “REGISTRATION FORM” to download the registration form

Finally, select “REGISTRATION PIN/CODE” to download the registration Pin/Code

How to Buy/Fill WAEC 2022 Registration Form

Firstly, the candidate to Buy and Fill WAEC Form 2022

Visit https://registration.waecdirect.org/

Navigate to “General Information”

Select “Registration Form”

You will be redirected to https://registration.waecdirect.org/Home/ManualForm

Fill the registration form following the steps below;

BIODATA SECTION: In the Bio-data Section, the candidates must have to fill in the following information;



Disability (if applicable)

Marital Status

Maiden Name (if applicable)

Date of Birth


State of Origin

CONTACT INFORMATION SECTION: in the Contact Information section, the candidates are to fill in the following information;



RESIDENTIAL INFORMATION: In the Residential Information Section, the candidates are to fill in the following information;




POSTAL INFORMATION: in the postal information section, the candidates will have to fill in the following information;




EXAMINATION LOCATION: In the examination location, the candidates will have to fill in the following information;


Choose “Preferred Examination Town”

EXAMINATION SUBJECTS: in the examination subjects section, the candidates will have to fill his or her 8 or 9 subjects include the compulsory subjects. WAEC Compulsory Subjects are; English Language and General Mathematics.

WAEC Date 2022 Registration Starting Date

When will WAEC 2022 registration start? The registration for the 2022 WAEC SSCE exam will start from 8th  February 2022 for school candidates.

WAEC offline registration 2022: The commencement of the 2022 WAEC offline registration may start from 8th February 2022 to April 2022.

WAEC Online Registration 2022: The date for the commencement of the 2022 WAEC online registration will take place from 8th  February 2022 to April 2022.

WAEC Registration Closing Date (Deadline) 2022

The WAEC closing date and registration deadline for both online and offline registration for the 2022 WAEC SSCE exam are 30th April 2022.

Warning: The West Examinations Council (WAEC) has issued a very strong warning to all 2022 WAEC candidates that there will be no extension of the deadline for registration.

There will be no late registration of candidates by schools in the 2022 WAEC exam and the deadline for the registration will not be extended as in other years.

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