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Queen Elizabeth’s Image To Be Replaced On All Currencies



Queen Elizabeth’s Image To Be Replaced On All Currencies

On September 8th, 2022, Queen Elizabeth passed on haven served for 70 years. Now that she is no more, the British pound and all other major currencies on which her image is embossed will see the introduction of new currencies without her image.

The UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are countries that have the image of the Queen on their currencies.


The change is a result of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. News filtering through from UK’s news portal The Mirror hinted at the replacement.

It is expected that the new image to replace that of Queen Elizabeth II will be that of King Charles III. This will mark a new era as the queen’s eldest succeeds his mother now as King of England.

The changing of the image is not going to be an all-of-a-sudden event. This will take a gradual process approach over a period, and it is expected that both the existing currencies and the new ones will remain legal tender over a period of time.


Until the new king, King Charles III ascends to the throne, no new currency with be printed. Anyone who has used or seen the currency of the United Kingdom for the last 70 years will assert to the fact that both coins and notes have the face of Queen Elizabeth II on them.

In the UK, all cash notes and coins depict the face of the Queen – but now following her death, new coins, and cash will be created with the face of the King. Plans have been in place for this for a long time, and the new cash will be produced and distributed into general circulation, with the old money gradually being phased out.” The Mirror reports.

The current currency with the face of Queen Elizabeth II will remain legal tender until the new ones are produced with the face of King Charles III. This will be followed by the phasing out of the current ones.


According to the report by The Mirror, “It is thought money with the Queen’s face will remain legal tender for a while yet – with a date eventually being set for the future when they can no longer be used. However, it’s not just in the UK, where the Queen’s face is used on the currency. It is also used in countries, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – and they too will eventually phase out cash with her image on,”

Queen Elizabeth II, born in 1926, ruled as queen for 70 years, and on Thursday, 8th September, she passed on. Since the UK emerged as a nation, she remains the longest-serving monarch and Queen and she is succeeded by King Charles III.

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