Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, is one woman that is naturally endowed.
The actress knows she’s endowed, beautiful and she’s never disappoints to flaunting it. While some women with similarly big boobs have gone under the surgery, Mensah has said she will never consider doing that.

She said this during an interview.

She said, “Yes, I will consider cosmetic surgery along the way but not to reduce my boobs. My boobs were given to me by God for a reason, so why would I reduce them? There are so many women paying a lot of money to get what God has given to me for free. I will never reduce my natural God-given boobs.”

However, it has been said in some quarters that Ghanaian celebrities feel inferior to their Nigerian colleagues, the actress said it was a ‘big, fat lie’.

Miss Mesah said “Firstly, I’ve never heard anyone say we (Ghanaian celebrities) feel inferior to our Nigerian colleagues. Secondly, it is a big fat lie. We can never feel inferior to our Nigerian colleagues. Ghanaian culture is different from that of Nigeria. Ghanaians are calm, we take our time to do things,we are content with our lifestyles. On the other hand, Nigerians are loud, always in a hurry and on the move to the next thing. We are different though we have some similarities.”

On clout chasing in the entertainment industry generally, the actress said, “Clout chasing among my colleagues is getting too much and irritating. Social media has got many of my colleagues acting stupid and doing anything for attention–just to ‘trend’ on the Internet. It’s really embarrassing. Some of them are so desperate for people to like them that they fake happiness and a certain lifestyle so that they would be noticed. I think it’s a shame and sad at the same time.”

Then, when asked when she is getting married and which she’s getting tired of it. She responded, “Marriage is not something anyone plans. It happens when it’s supposed to happen. When that time comes, I will say ‘Yes’ (to my man). Until then, I’m happy with my life and I’m enjoying it to the fullest.”

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