Chinese are believed to eat almost anything that moves, this will not be out of place to say coronavirus wouldn’t have started from any other country rather than China.

From the inception of the whole thing, researchers were thinking the virus might have come from the consumption of bats, but more research proves otherwise.


Current research have proven that the virus might have come from a popularly known animal ‘pangolin’.

Research have identified a coronavirus in pangolin that is 99% similar to the one causing the pandemic outbreak.

Pangolin is the only scaly mammal, ant-eating pangolin is endangered but often hunted for meat and is used for Chinese medicine.

In another story Pastor launches coronavirus oil to protect people against the virus.

A clergyman, Bishop Angel Obinim from Ghana reportedly launched an anointing oil that will help prevent the deadly virus.

In a report obtained from Yen, the pastor unveiled the ”coronavirus oil” during the last Sunday service he held at one of his branches.

According to the senior pastor of International God’s way centre, there is a high chance of the deadly disease entering Ghana, so he urged members of his church to buy the oil to be on a safe side.

In a related development, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has revealed when the deadly coronavirus pandemic will only subside and die.

Speaking at the studio of the church’s TV station, on Sunday morning, 22 March, Adeboye, who also revealed that God had told him earlier in the year that the world would observe a compulsory public holiday, said: “When I told you to fast for 50 days, earlier this year, you didn’t argue with me, you obeyed even when we still fasted last November.

Earlier this year, God told me that the world would be on a ‘compulsory holiday’. I didn’t know what that means and I didn’t say it out so as not to inflict fear. Maybe people would have blamed me for saying such today.”

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