The very first Big Brother Live Show where two Housemates had to go was a memorable one.

Ebuka came up on screen and announced the beginning of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Live Show dressed in a shiny cream jacket. The handsome reality TV host reminded fans all of the biggest change this season of Big Brother, the updated voting style and the impact it has to change the order in which the Biggie’s housemates leave the house.

If you missed the memo, this season all the Housemates are up for Eviction every week except for the Head of House and their Deputy. The public then votes from Monday to Thursday, and the bottom four Housemates stand for Eviction on Sunday. Their eviction is decided on by their fellow Housemates during a final Diary Eviction Votes Session, with a draw being decided by the Head of House. With two people going home this week.

When the time came to find out who the four individuals with their heads on the chopping block were, the pressure in Biggie’s House was thicker than Eric’s muscles.

Hearing Lilo, Eric, Praise, and Ka3na were the four at risk of having their Big Brother stay come to an early end, the air of relief was quickly replaced with one of turmoil as the Housemates had to decide on who their exit vote would be cast for and reason. After the safe Housemates had cast their votes in the Diary Room.

Biggie announced there would be an Eviction Votes Session in the Diary Room by saying ‘Big Brother would like you to vote two housemates from the four Housemates at risk of eviction, for an immediate possible eviction tonight. Please vote the two housemates.’

Bright O in the Diary room

First in the Diary Room was Bright O who chose Eric and Ka3na without delay. He was followed by Nengi who chose to vote for Ka3na and Prince. Next in the Diary Room for their Eviction Votes Session was Dorathy, Kiddwaya, Erica, Laycon, Kaisha, Neo, Ozo, Tolanibaj, Tochi, Vee, Trikytee, Wathoni, Prince, and Lucy. If you are feeling cheated by not knowing who voted for who, you can see all the Housemates selections that lead to the Evictions only on the official Big Brother website.

When Votes had been casted, Ebuka announced the two people who would be leaving were Ka3na and Lilo ending our first ‘ship of the season. The heartfelt goodbyes and walk out of the House signalled the end of the Housemates journies and the start of a new one as a national treasures and household names. Ebuka then gave a recap of the Betway Challenge shared how the whole House failed again at Arena Games.

Then it was time to get the whole story from the person it happened to. In her goodbye chat with Ebuka, Ka3na tearily let it be known that as far as her experience in the House went she wasn’t surprised she had been voted out as this is game, and then appreciated the fans for her stay and promised that she continue to grow her luxury brand.

When Lilo was given the chance to share with Ebuka and the world her thoughts on her time in the House she shared ‘She didn’t think she did anything wrong.’ She also let it be known that she still feels strongly for Eric but was speechless when asked about her boyfiend on the outside.

Ebuka then gave us a recap of the mad capped party on Saturday night before going back to the Housemates to say to them a final goodbye and reminded fans and followers all that the game is far from over.

On Monday, 3rd August, another Head of House Challenge will take place and a new Head of House and Deputy would be picked. Stick around as the fun is far from being done with more works, Betway Arena Games, and Wagers to be faced and many more evictions to follow as fans and followers continue the journey to crowning a winner of Big Brother Naija Lockdown, season 5.

To keep your favourite Housemate in Biggie’s house, vote here.

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