Prophet TB Joshua Reveals Unbelievable Things That Will Happen In Nigeria Soon.

OnyxNews Nigeria understands that Prophet TB Joshua does not speak empty words, he has a track record of proven international and intercontinental Prophecies that came to pass with the power of God, the man of God who prophesied about the coming of Corona Virus and global economic meltdown, prophesied about Donald Trump’s inability to be reelected.

Notice that our rate of indebtedness in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is so much. As they took over the government from PDP, they cried about the empty treasuries that were left due to alleged Financial embezzlement by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s PDP. The Prophet said that before 2023, Nigeria will be so poor, they can’t even pay workers.

Over the years as the COVID-19 pandemic began in late 2020, Nigeria has been further plugged into a serious lack of money for the federal and state government, the effect is lack of food, high cost of things, insecurities, and those of banditry in the bid to survive.

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The clergyman in a live TV Session for the newly Launched Anointed water, he said that Nigeria will enter into the second phase of serious lack of money, in his words; ”Politics in Nigeria will not be business as Usual because there will be no money, it will remain like that for sometimes, God wants to achieve something with this”

He continued; ”God wants to wipe out the greedy Politicians, those who are there for the money, he wants to dry the money so that those that will be elected as our leaders will be those that will do the work because of the love, the real leaders, the ones that will lead Nigeria to her destination, this is what God wants to achieve”

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This is what most Nigerians wants to hear right now because the church has prayed and God wants to release his answers this way to Nigeria, this economic meltdown is not to kill us, TB Joshua said.

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