Suspected bandits have attacked the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna.

The bandits were reported to have broken into the academy around 1 am Tuesday.

Military sources said an officer was killed and two others were abducted.

Explaining the situation, the source said: “They took about three officers, and one of them who resisted and tried to fight back was killed.

They came in, silently, through the part of the academy where we have bar wire and not properly fenced. Unfortunately, there were no soldiers on guard duty at that end. So, the bandits sneaked in, through to where the officers were and got three of them.

“It was when they shot one of the officers that everybody woke up, and before we knew it they had made their way outside and fled.

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Another source said: “The attack is a big slap on our face. How could we have allowed that? They already knew there was no guard on duty and came in through that axis,” the source said.

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