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Latest: More Details On Synagogue Church Crisis Emerge, As Insiders Expose TB Joshua’s Wife



More details concerning the crisis at the Synagogue Church of All Nations have emerged as Mrs. Evelyn Joshua takes over the leadership of the Church.


Onyxnewsng recalls that yesterday, some videos making rounds on social media showed some disciples being evicted from the church yesterday while some were held hostage at the church.

In reaction to this, a SCOAN insider who chose to be anonymous have revealed some unbelievable facts about the what is going on in the ministry.


Sources refuted the claims that the present crisis isn’t a case of leadership tussle, explaining that no one can be in the position to lead SCOAN except by pure grace and through the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

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One of the sources noted that Prophet TB Joshua had led the ministry for over three decades and anointed five prophets whom he positioned to take over from him.


Another source explained that the issue on ground is that Mrs. Evelyn Joshua claims that she is qualified to succeed her husband despite the fact that she was removed from being a trustee of the church by Prophet TB Joshua before he died.

“The issue has not been a case of leadership tussle in the SCOAN since the passing to glory of the General Overseer, Prophet TB Joshua.


Leadership position in any Apostolic ministry like SCOAN can only be by pure grace of God through the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

The late founder and General Overseer of the SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua received the divine ordination to lead this great ministry for over three decades and God used him to anoint five Prophets who according to the Senior Prophet were already positioned to continue after him.


We gathered that even in an interview he granted This day newspaper before passing on to glory, he stated categorically that his wife is not involved in the ministry business and as such he could not display her.

So it is not an issue of man’s ordination, election, self-imposition, or by any court injunction which could only be a reason for any contest.


If God elevates one to such position of spiritual leadership, He would make him fit for it, otherwise, it’s a dangerous mission!

The facts on the ground is that Mrs. Evelyn Joshua claimed she was qualified to succeed her husband being the wife of the late Prophet.


Meanwhile, she had been removed from being a trustee of the SCOAN by the Prophet before his demise and this denied her any legal ground to assume the position.

Besides, we learned that the late Prophet’s wife was nursing plans to introduce some new doctrines into the system which were inconsistent with what TB Joshua had laid down and practiced.


The disciples who had been trained by the Prophet insisted that the status quo must be maintained. So this became the real bone of contention

Furthermore, the source allegedly made it known that Mrs. Evelyn Joshua allegedly got some lawyers to facilitate her return as a trustee of the church.


They explained how the five prophets trained by Late Prophet TB Joshua were forcefully evicted from the prayer mountain where they live through the security operatives.

Mrs. Evelyn now having the Church lawyers on her side, their plan was to bring Mrs. Joshua back on board as a Trustee along with her first daughter, making three members of the family against one person who happens to be one of the Evangelists.


The consequence of this is that Mrs. Joshua and her two daughters would form a majority and a formidable force that could remove the other person and consequently, the family takes over the Church administration.

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And since agreement could not be reached after several discussions, in a bid to coerce the disciples to succumb to her quest, Mrs. Evelyn Joshua resorted to harassment and intimidation against the disciples, including the prophets, using the Church Security personnel and some security agents from Ikotun Division.
This continued until the 9th of September when she allegedly claimed she had secured a court ruling to be added as a Trustee.


She was also alleged to have invited some members of the Church and in their presence, she was proclaimed a new trustee and immediately assumed the position of leadership of the Ministry.

As soon as this was done, some security operatives who claimed they were carrying out court orders allegedly swung into action. They invaded the Church and the prayer mountain which is a few minutes drive from the Church simultaneously.


The prayer mountain has been the residence of the late Prophet, the five junior prophets, and half of the Evangelists, while the rest of Evangelists stay at Church.

The five Prophets which include an American, a Briton, a French, and two Nigerians were swooped upon and forcefully ejected from the prayer mountain and carried to the Church.


Their rooms were ransacked after broken into it.

Meanwhile, the Evangelists in the Church were also rounded up and manhandled by the security operatives and the Church Security personnel as they pulled them out of their various departments and some ex-workers and ex-disciples were immediately drafted in to take over those departments which includes the accounts, studio, and Emmanuel TV transmission room.


The five prophets and the disciples, both Nigerians and foreign nationals were held hostage the whole day and their handsets were seized from them.

Currently, all the Nigerian disciples have been sent packing from the Church and the foreign ones are still held, hostage.


It was also alleged that they are making plan to deport the foreign disciples.”

However, there have been reports that the disciples were accused of looting church money. He debunked the rumors, describing it as mere blackmail.


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