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Ramadan: London Decorated For Islamic Celebration For The First Time  (Photos)



Ramadan: London Decorated For Islamic Celebration For The First Time  (Photos)

Coventry Street, which links Leicester Square with Piccadilly, is lighted with “Happy Ramadan.”

The lights were switched on by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who is one of the 1.3 million Muslims in London celebrating Ramadan.


The decoration was organised by Aisha Desai, who was inspired by her fondness for Christmas lights.

She said: “I just had the ambition to do it like the Christmas lights.

“I remembered going to visit the Christmas lights with my sister when I was growing up and I also had an opportunity to live in the Middle East and I wanted to bring that joy and magic to London, the city that I’m from.”


Ms. Desai began the project three years ago.

It looks incredible, I’m so overwhelmed with the response,” she said.
It’s such an important month for Muslims.

“I wanted to raise that awareness as well to let our neighbours know that this is a really important month for us, it’s my favourite month of the year and I’m just grateful that we’re here today.


Elsewhere in London, an open Iftar – breaking of the fast – will be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in south Kensington, which has also erected a pop-up mosque and Ramadan pavilion for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Chelsea football club will also hold an open Iftar at the side of the pitch at Stamford Bridge, in what will be a first for the club and a Premier League stadium.

Later in the month, Wembley stadium will do the same, BBC reports.

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