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Ole! Thief! DSS Smuggles Emefiele Out of Court As He Allegedly Collapses (Video)



Ole! Thief! DSS Smuggles Emefiele Out of Court As He Allegedly Collapses (Video)

A video surfaced showing moment embattled former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Godwin Emefiele was smuggled out of court today amidst chants of Ole! Thief! by onlookers.

Below is how a public commentator reacted to the former apex bank Boss ordeal.


Godwin Emefiele trusted mortals in power and forgot that power is, in fact, ephemeral. He trusted human beings and forgot that humans are fickle and non-dependable.

“He trusted Buhari as president. He visited him at short notice at the Villa and in Daura. They did ‘high five’ and posed for pictures smiling like playground mates. Emefiele didn’t mind stepping on people’s back to make Buhari happy. Targeting the hawks that Buhari despised, he changed the colours of Naira notes but the new notes are nowhere to be seen. When the Finance Minister kicked, Buhari defended him. He made banks broke the agelong culture of customers getting back their money on demand. Innocent people suffered and businesses floundered. Unfortunately, the same Buhari whom he loved to impress didn’t seem to stand up for him when ‘the shylock’ came calling for a pound of his flesh.

Emefiele kowtowed before Northern oligarchs as though his life depended on that. Yes, they made sure his job was secured and it was but he served them like a slave. He flouted regulations and conventions to be in their good book. Unfortunately, the same oligarchs took cover in protection of their interests when the hawk came for the chick.


Worthy of note is that Emefiele refused to wise up when Buhari didn’t stop DSS from attempting to arrest him when he was the president. That was a red flag that foretold his current situation but he refused to take notice. Perhaps he was too power-intoxicated or may be he was simply trapped in the corridors of power.

Used and dumped like a piece of trash at a lonely crossroad and with the people treating him like a smelly leper, Emefiele is surrounded by ‘hyenas’ warming up to devour him like a piece of soft flesh. Looking pale and hopeless, only God can save him from drowning in sorrows of being disappointed by the humans he trusted.”

See video below…

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