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UK Grants Six Countries 2-Year Electronic Entry Visa



UK Grants Six Countries 2-Year Electronic Entry Visa

The UK government has announced that citizens of some countries will be exempted from entry visas, and will be granted a 6-month visa for tourism or brief study.

The decision revealed by the British government included many Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which include “Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.”


This decision allows citizens of these countries to be exempt from entry visa to the United Kingdom for a period of 6 months, but on the condition that it is necessary to fill out the visa exemption form through the official website of the British Ministry of the Interior.

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries can enter the United Kingdom for the purpose of working, living in Britain, visiting and medical treatment, or studying for a period of 6 months.

Under this decision, entry visa requirements will be removed for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Jordan wishing to visit the United Kingdom for any purpose.


Under this recent decision, visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Jordan will be allowed to travel to the United Kingdom, and this will tighten tourism and commercial ties between them.

It is worth noting that this decision will be activated next February 2024, where citizens from these countries will be treated similarly to citizens of America and Australia, as they are allowed to enter Britain more than once for two years at no additional cost.

This decision will begin for Gulf Cooperation Council countries to enter the United Kingdom starting from February 22, 2024, and those wishing to travel must obtain an electronic travel permit for 10 pounds sterling.


This decision includes everyone of all ages, whether adults, the elderly, children, or even infants. This permit is valid for two full years, and can be obtained in just 3 days.

Holders of this electronic entry permit can stay 6 months in the United Kingdom.

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