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COVID-19: ‘China ready to face the consequences’ – President Trump declares



The US president, Donald Trump warned that “China would face consequences if it was deliberately responsible” for the spread of the raging virus, coronavirus (COVID-19).

Onyxnews Nigeria reports that President Trump did not, however, mention what type of actions he might take against the Asian country.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Trump said: “It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering from it.”


This reliable online news platform understands that Trump had in the past repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”

Trump and his senior aides have also accused China of lacking transparency.

Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters have taken to the Streets in American city of Minnesota, seeking that the lockdown be lifted, as they are not finding it interesting.


Protesters in Virginia have been protesting against stay-at-home orders, they warned not to obey.

In a related development, Onyxnews Nigeria had reported on March 26 2020 that, some groups in America have sued Chinese for inflicting the world with such a deadly disease which they referred to the people of the country as being ‘inhuman.’

China President, Xi Jinping and US President, Donald Trump

American law firm, ‘the Freedom Watch‘ and sport photography school called ‘Texas Company Bus Photos‘, have dragged China to court over the coronavirus outbreak which has turned pandemic, asking for $20 trillion.

The Organizations filed the lawsuit in Texas, US, asking for the sum in damages from China, from where the deadly coronavirus started.


Texas Company Bus Photos, which deals mostly in high school sports photography, and the law organisation are reporting that the Chinese government has created the deadly pandemic COVID-19 as an illegal biological weapon that has spread globally.

They claimed that the coronavirus was released by the Wuhan Institute of Viroja as a biological test.

They claimed that China had prepared the virus against the enemy and released it at an unexpected time.


The petitioners argue that although China was mainly targeting the American people, the virus was not limited to the US.

Onyxnews Nigeria gathered that the petitioners further argued that, “There was a heartless act on the part of China that was unacceptable.

“The people of China are good but their government is not,” the petitioners said.


They pleaded the court to order China, which has brought the world into such a confused situation, to pay compensation.

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