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Apple insider reveals iPhone 12 launch date, price



iPhone 12 seems to be out, iHactu on Twitter revealed the iPhone event will take place towards the end of this year, 2020.

The iPhone 12 event specifically will be held in September and release date may be until October, with price tag $650 (about N251,800) on it. Apple is expected to host a separate event focused on its Mac hardware.

@iHacktu, Apple will host an online-only event to showcase new iPhones, the Apple Watch 6, new iPads and the long-awaited AirPower wireless charger on September 8. In a follow-up tweet, iHacktu says the event may be in September but the phones won’t ship until October.


We’re a little bit dubious about some of those claims in spite of the fact that iHacktu has been reasonably correct with their leaks in the past. September 8 would certain be consistent with Apple’s recent iPhone events, but waiting another month to ship phones would not be.

iPhone 12 October release date?

Apple typically ships phones within two weeks of announcing them. There have been exceptions — the iPhone X didn’t ship until nearly two months after its unveiling, but Apple had already shipped the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the intervening time.


Holding a September 8 event for an October product launch might make sense if Apple were having an in-person event and couldn’t easily change venues. But Apple’s iPhone 12 launch will likely be an online-only affair, and if Apple follows the pattern set by June’s Worldwide Developer conference, much of the presentation could be pre-recorded. That means Apple could time its iPhone 12 event to when the phones will be ready to launch.

That’s not to say the iPhone 12 won’t ship in October or have the four models Apple is working on rolled out in stages — just that the timing described in iHacktu’s tweet sounds a little suspect, given Apple’s typical way of doing things.
AirPower and Mac event

Also, AirPower — first promised at that 2017 iPhone X launch and then killed in 2019 — is likely to be a no-show. While rumors have suggested Apple is trying to revive the charging mat, with an eye toward a September 2020 launch, it still seems like a long shot to include in a Sept. 8 event.


As for that Oct. 27 event, we’re supposed to see another event that features a new iPad Pro as well as Apple’s Silicon Mac lineup, including a new MacBook and MacBook Pro 13-inch model. Oddly enough, iHacktu also asserts that Apple could even announce the enigmatic Apple Glass augmented reality headset then, which would happen if the keynote is held in-person instead of online.

Again, rumors have suggested new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models powered by Apple chips could arrive this year, even if the bulk of Apple Silicon Macs won’t hit the scene until 2021, so a Mac event in October isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Including Apple Glass seems more fanciful — the most optimistic rumors suggest the AR product would be ready in the spring of 2021, though most Apple watchers think 2022 or 2023 is more likely.

Apple tends to play its cards close to the vest, so we wouldn’t expect confirmation of an early September iPhone 12 launch event until mid-August.

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