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Watch Moment Trump Allies Clash With Police As US Capitol Proceeds On Lockdown



US Capitol on lockdown following a clash between the police and Trump’s allies.

OnyxNews Nigeria reports that the United States Capitol go on lock down on Wednesday with lawmakers inside as Donald Trump supporters clashed with police, broke through barricades and entered the building.

This online news platform understands that protesters were seen inside the building and people working inside were directed by local safety officials to shelter in their offices, according to videos published on the social media.


In the videos, Trump supporters were seen walking through the building, waving flags and clashing violently with security. Some members of Congress were told to don gas masks after teargas was sent inside the building.

On different side, outside the building hundreds of supporters barged through police lines and took over the steps of the Capitol. Video showed injured police officers and violent tussles as they stormed the building.

This development meant that the Senate and the House of Representatives both recessed its debate over congressional certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory over Trump in November’s presidential election.


Local media in the US, reported that Vice-President Mike Pence was ushered out of the Senate and taken to a secure location. The Senate doors were closed and locked, and senators told to stay away from the doors and then evacuated.

However, Trump, and his supporters, have baselessly floated conspiracy theories that the election was somehow fraudulently won by the Biden, though there is no evidence to support this.

Watch the video of the scene at the US Capitol below…





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