More Trouble As Nnamdi Kanu’s ESN Shoots Down NAF Helicopter In Imo State.

It has been a critical issue of bother that the Nigerian Airforce and Army has an ongoing operation to dismantle Eastern Security Network, ESN in Orlu area of Imo state.

It all happened early January when joint security team of the Nigerian Police went in search of ESN in Orlu after ESN sacked foreign Fulani settlers in the forests around Orlu, the police went after ESN and got beaten in their own game which resulted in the invasion of Orlu by Nigerian Army since the police led operation failed.

The outcome of the invasion resulted in many deaths of innocent civilians and casualty in the side of the military now since few days ago Orlu has not know peace, citizens and residents of Orlu are on the run because the military has descended on the town shooting and bombing from hovering helicopters.

A video going viral on social media has children crying uncontrollably and adults wondering what’s actually happening.

A source revealed that at least one of the helicopters has been disabled by the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

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