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BREAKING: Bad News For Those Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines



Bad News For Those Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines.

This could prove fatal for many people who took the vaccine in the past weeks or months in South Africa.

OnyxNews Nigeria gathered that the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa bought a batch of COVID-19 vaccines in the past months and it was great news that many citizens were going to fight the ravaging pandemic virus called coronavirus (COVID-19).


The government bought a batch of COVID-19 vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and many frontline workers were among the first to get vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson, according to @AdvoBarryRoux/twitter.

Meanwhile, according to the CNN, the US has ordered the halt of the distribution of the J&J vaccines over blood clot concerns.

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This could prove fatal to the patient who took the vaccines.


There has been no news from the government of South Africa about this issue.

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