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Survival Fund Registration For 2022 Start Date



Survival Fund Registration For 2022 Start Date

When is Survival Fund Registration for 2022 Starting?

The MSME Survival Fund Program is a component of the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan (NESP) developed by a committee led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, according to NAN Tola Johnson, the project’s project delivery office (PDO) coordinator.


The primary objective of the MSME Survival Fund is to preserve the livelihoods of vulnerable MSMEs and self-employed individuals, most of whom have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since its inception. The fund has affected approximately 1.2 million beneficiaries across five fund paths. in order to accommodate the impact of hardships ensuring sustainable production and reduce job loss to a minimum.”

Soon there will be an announcement Re-registering Survival Funds will begin activating those who haven’t yet registered to do so. Before today, most people who haven’t received CAC will need to get that. It also states that there is still a quota able to register to fill their own fields.

How do I apply for Survival Fund in Nigeria?

How to Register

1.    Proceed to the Survival fund registration portal


2.    Click on the ‘Start Here’ button, that will take you to the survival fund application form options.

3.   Choose the category you want to apply for, by clicking ‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register

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