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Man Who Burnt His Academic Certificates Gives More Reasons For His Action



Man Who Burnt His Academic Certificates Gives More Reasons For His Action

The decision of a young man from Edo State, Alvin Ilenre, to burn his university certificates in a desperate attempt to find closure has raised many questions about his actions and the struggles he may be facing.

It is unclear what exactly prompted such a drastic move, but it is clear that Ilenre is grappling with some deep-seated issues.


The act of destroying his educational credentials may be a way for him to express his anger and frustration, but it does not appear to be a solution to whatever is troubling him.

However, in his recent interview, he explained why he decided to set his credentials ablaze.

He stated that: “I burnt them because I was going through some things and I needed to give myself closure. That was why I burnt them.”


When asked by the interviewer, what were the certificates he burnt, Alvin responded that: “I didn’t know where I dropped my secondary school certificate amid all these, but the certificates I burnt were my university, primary school leaving, and National Youth Service Corps certificates.”

“Also, there were certificates I didn’t burn. I need to state that I’m a minister of God, a trained minister even though I won’t mention my ministry. I didn’t burn the certificates from the ministry, because I was impacted by the grace of God over there so, I never burnt those. But I burnt the educational certificates that are useless in the country.”

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