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Snowy Christmas: Met Office Lists Areas In UK Snow Is About To Hit Again



Snowy Christmas: Met Office Lists Areas In UK Snow Is About To Hit Again

Christmas potentially turns snowy, as the Met Office has announced wintry conditions could emerge in the UK before the end of the month, December. Forecasters and meteorologists have issued a medium-term outlook for the country.

Annie Shuttleworth covered the run-up to Christmas in the 10-day trend video on the Met Office website. The Met Office forecaster explained: “Over the course of Saturday to Tuesday, we have three maps here – the Met Office model, the European model and the American model.


“There’s a clear trend: showers build in Scotland with heavy rain in North Western England, and Scotland, but very little of rain – if any at all – in the south of England – through the weekend.” Shuttleworth went on: “High pressure dominating to the south and low pressure to the North.”

Next week, the Met Office announces a “subtle change” with “unsettled weather” more widely across the UK. “It allows weather fronts to make progress and temperatures trend downwards,” Annien went on. “Southern areas staying largely dry – but don’t rule out rain from time to time.

I imagine the temperatures will be on the milder side.” The forecast from Wednesday next week, December 20, brings yet another shift. “High pressure shifted further south,” Annie said, adding: “But as we head into Christmas weekend, expect the pressure to move further south.


“There’s a possibility from December 21 that we see the most likely scenario – a shift in the north-westerly wind direction, with the pressure showing the pattern and it turning cooler in the north and west. That means it’ll be colder in the north and west, but largely dry in the south and east.

“Plenty of dry, bright weather expected – but that colder weather COULD further sink. There’s a potential for some snow showers.” Annie admitted any widespread snow was unlikely. Annie expected the snow to hit the country “in northern areas and over hills” rather than at lower levels.



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