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Catholic Priest Seen Holding A Gun In Plateau Amid Terrorist Attacks



Catholic Priest Seen Holding A Gun In Plateau Amid Terrorist Attacks

In the wake of the unrelenting onslaught on Plateau communities by Fulani bandits, a shocking video has surfaced, showing an unidentified Catholic Church Priest holding a gun.

In the few seconds clip, the priest was seen standing along the roadside, solemnly making the sign of the cross while holding the gun in his possession.


The video has triggered widespread concern and raised numerous questions about the circumstances.

In the midst of escalating tensions and recurring attacks in the region, this unforeseen sight has added a new dimension to the complex situation, leaving many puzzled and seeking answers.

Efforts to reach the Catholic Church authorities for comment on the issue have been met with silence, further intensifying the mystery surrounding the incident.


However, the authenticity and context of the video remain under scrutiny as authorities investigate the circumstances behind the priest’s actions.

Recently, seven villagers were shot dead in a fresh attack in the Shere village in Jos East in Plateau State.

Watch the video below…


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