About 67 Italian Catholic priests have died after being infected with the deadly coronavirus.

Reports from the Avvenire newspaper made this revelations on Wednesday, adding that the youngest of those listed by the Catholic Church-affiliated paper was 53.

Priests get sick and die like everybody else, maybe even more than the rest,” the Avvenire wrote.

The paper said 22 of the fatalities were in the Bergamo diocese, at the heart of the outbreak not far from the financial centre Milan.

Pope Francis asked priests “to have the courage to go out and see the sick” when the outbreak of the pandemic was at the increase across the country on March 10.

Meanwhile, two groups in the United States of America have sued China.

Onyxnewsng reported earlier that an American law establishment, ‘the Freedom Watch‘ and sport photography school, ‘Texas Company Bus Photos‘, have dragged China to court over the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, seeking for $20 trillion.

The company filed the lawsuit in Texas, US, asking for the sum in damages from China, from where the deadly coronavirus emanated.

Texas Company Bus Photos and the law organisation are reporting that the Chinese government has set up the pandemic COVID-19 as an unlawful biological weapon that has spread globally.

They claimed that the pandemic disease was released by the Wuhan Institute of Viroja as a biological test. They also claimed that China had prepared the virus against the enemy and released it at an unexpected time.

The petitioners argue that although China’s major target was the Americans, but now the virus is not limited to the US, it has gone global.

This online news platform gathered that the petitioners further argued that, “There was a heartless act on the part of China that was unacceptable.

The people of China are good but their government is not.”

They pleaded the court to order China, which has brought the world into such a condition, to pay compensation.

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