The Access Bank database hacker’s identity has been revealed.

The hacker who broke into Access Bank database and stole over 2,000 customers’ BVN, other sensitive info identity has been revealed.

OnyxNews Nigeria
Access Bank alleged database hacker, Ihebuzo Chris.

Identified as Ihebuzo Chris, has demonstrated that the walls built around Access Bank network are vulnerable.

The hacker who calls himself a python on Twitter gained access and extracted the data of over 2,000 customers.

OnyxNews Nigeria reported that the hacker is reportedly in possession of BVN of more than 2000 customers, other sensitive information which can enable debit victims account.

He had boasted in a video which has already gone viral on Twitter and other social media handle.

This online news platform understands that some of the account details have been posted online by him.

In the video, a man stated that he hacked Access Bank’s system server to get access to customers’ personal information to show the vulnerability in Access Bank’s internal security. He said none of the customer information is safe.

According to him in the video, he could debit the accounts of customers he was able to obtain from Access Bank.

OnyxNigeria gathered that he got about 2,000 customer names and Bank Verification Number (BVN) and phone numbers.

The hacker called the internal security of Access Bank “Stupid” due to how easy he was able to get the information that could enable him to debit Access Bank’s customers’ account, “If someone like me could get hold of customers information like this, from their system, hack into their system, then that should tell you the potential damage,” the hacker had said.

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