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BREAKING: Blessing CEO Finally Freed From Police Detention



BREAKING: Blessing CEO Finally Freed From Police Detention

Blessing Okoro, who is known as Blessing CEO and claims to be a relationship expert, has been released from detention after being accused of libel and defamation.

On Friday, March 30, 2023, a self-proclaimed relationship and mental health expert was arraigned by the police at a Federal High Court in Lagos.


The charges against the individual include six counts of alleged cyber-bullying, libel, and exhibiting uncensored films.

According to Prosecutor Rotshang Dimka of the Force Headquarters in Abuja, a certain individual named Okoro from Lekki, Lagos, allegedly engaged in the intentional act of sending threatening and harassing messages to Folashade Samuels, also known as Mamajazz, via her Instagram handle @officialblessingceo on October 16, 2022. It is reported that Samuels is the younger sister of the late Bimbo Ogbonna.

In 2022, Lagos-based celebrity auto dealer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, also known as IVD’s wife, Bimbo, passed away in a fire incident at their Lekki residence.


The Blessing CEO has been accused of utilising Instagram to damage the reputation of Folashade Samuels and the deceased Bimbo Ogbonna by subjecting them to hatred, contempt, and ridicule.

According to police reports, the accused has been charged with exhibiting a film and video work titled ‘Sweet Sour’ without the necessary censorship certificate and licence issued by the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

According to the prosecutor, the blogger allegedly sent messages that included the statement, “Let’s ask Mamajazz where her father is???”


According to the individual, their father faced a similar problem with their mother Ebele and had to flee for his safety. According to sources, IVD’s alleged crime was his inability to handle the situation and flee from it.

The family of the deceased individual known as Bimbo is reportedly seeking legal action against IVD, with claims that they are pursuing both his assets and his safety. Mamajazz, her elder sister, is particularly noteworthy. Bimbo and IVD are prominent figures in Lagos, and it is widely known that Bimbo has a history of violence, even within their residential community. It has been reported that she allegedly breaks a bottle on her husband’s head on a daily basis. The tragic news of Bimbo’s suicide has left many in shock. According to sources close to the family, it has been revealed that Bimbo had struggled with suicidal thoughts since childhood.

There are indications that evidence is being gathered or presented in a particular situation.


The user stated that they will be sharing all voice notes and evidence on their social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. She also urged her followers to subscribe.

As a journalist, I will be interviewing Mamajazz, the sister of the late Bimbo, to gain further insight into the matter. Were you in communication with your sister prior to her passing? Is there a possibility that you owe your deceased sister a sum of 18 million? It is unclear whether or not the individual in question had blocked the user prior to their passing. As a journalist, I can not speculate on personal opinions or feelings towards family members. It is important to maintain objectivity and focus on factual reporting. “Why should I answer this question?” the user asked, promising to inundate the internet with a deluge of raw facts and evidence.

The official relationship therapist of IVD has announced their involvement in the case. The individual in question has made a statement regarding the evidence that allegedly exonerates them from any involvement in the death or harm of their spouse.


Blessing CEO entered a plea of not guilty.

After entering a plea of not guilty, the accused was ordered by Justice Bogoro to be held in custody at a Nigerian Correctional Services Custodial Centre until May 30, when her bail application will be heard.

According to reports, Blessing CEO has been granted bail by a Federal High Court in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria. It has been confirmed that she has been released from custody on Thursday. According to her lawyer, Prince I. Nwafuru, she has been released from detention after spending three weeks behind bars.


The police have urged the court to exercise its discretion with regard to bail conditions.

The report states that a trial is currently underway at the Lagos State High Court in Ikeja regarding the death of 37 Mrs Ogbonna. In a legal proceeding initiated by the Lagos State Government, the defendant has been arraigned on a single count of involuntary manslaughter, as indicated in suit No LD/21055C/23.

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