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Nigerian Punter Killaboi Stabs Influencer Girlfriend To Death, Removed Her Vital Organs (Photos)



Nigerian Punter Killaboi Stabs Influencer Girlfriend To Death, Removed Her Vital Organs (Photos)

A Nigerian punter Killaboi also known as Killaverse confessed to killing his girlfriend identified as Augusta Osedion on social media, two years after he was arrested for internet fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud and money laundering.

Killaboi’s girlfriend was reportedly missing for days until her mother went to Killaboi’s house at Oral Estate in the Ikota area of Lagos state, Nigeria’s commercial city, to look for her. Prior to Augusta, missing, Newsone learned that her mother had tried to reconcile her and her boyfriend over an issue they had.


Killaboi who cried about messing up his life at 26 in a series of posts he shared on his Instagram story, promised to ensure his late girlfriend gets justice as he can’t live with the guilt. He however disclosed that he ran away after committing the murder out of fear. He further shared a message he sent to his late girlfriend’s mother.

Killaboi wrote on Monday, 17th July wrote on Twitter: “I will do the right thing, I will turn myself in.
“I can’t live with this guilt knowing someone I loved died in my own hand.

“I’m deeply and truly sorry but I want no sympathy.


I’m ready to give my life now, I’m ready.

“She’s dead and I need to be too

“It’s sad I achieved a lot and ruined my life by myself at age of 26 but it has happened and I full of regret and wish I can take time back, but since I can’t will turn myself in and give the family peace.


“I’m ready for anything including death cause I believe I truly deserve it and I ask for God’s forgiveness,” he added.

A furious Twitter user, @Tr0ubleXela berated Killaboi for changing his twitter handle after the incident, saying: “The werey have sharply changed his handle..dude was using Betting and Crypto to disguise, ase u be Yahoo k!lled your girlfriend, still cut off her boobs and coochie for r!tual again, all the 100 million wey u dey always win for sportybet, na for jail u go flex am #OmoAle”.


Though, Killaboi quoted the tweet saying: “I’m truly sorry for the damage I have caused and the pain I have left, everything happened due to pain and betrayal, cheating, toxicity, and all.


“All this you are speading are just lies, none of her body parts went missing. Nothing was intentional, We got into a fight and argument regarding (something I rather not say in other to protect her image and respect for the death)

But all that which lead into an argument and fight which lead to her carrying knife and stabbing then happened which I wished never happened. Nothing of all you saying are truth.

I ran out of fear I have stabled someone and didn’t know what to do at that point but nothing was intentional and none of her body was cut out how you all a lying and spreading?


“I deeply regret and will give in myself and say nothing but the truth as I know I have only few days on earth and only the truth can bring me peaceand bring Gods Acceptance.

“I contacted her mom since and yesterday as well and I’m going to turn myself in and believe I deserve death now but regardless of anything the true deserves to be said and previewed and not manipulated.

“I will turn myself in and pay with my own life, whatever the fate is I will take including death as there is no justification for taking a life.


“I will be accountable.

“But let the truth be the truth, thank you.” [sic].

Eyewitnesses are claiming that officers of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) who gained access to his apartment through the fence, found his girlfriend’s corpse mutilated. It was alleged that her vital organs were missing. Her car was recovered at the scene.


Read Killaboi’s confession below…





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