Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu debates ahead of Edo 2020 governorship election have emerged in details.

OnyxNews Nigeria reports that Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu Friday debated over who takes charge of the Edo domain in the September 19th election.

Remember that it’s less than a week to the Edo State Governorship election and candidates have been pitching their manifestos to voters.

On Friday, five of the candidates participated in a debate organised by Channels Television, making a variety of promises if elected.

Today, incumbent Governor and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Godwin Obaseki, will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with main challenger, candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, in another debate organised by Channels Television.

Both candidates, Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu, contested in the 2016 version of the election with the former coming out tops

In what is widely considered as a rematch, the circumstances couldn’t have been more different from 2016. Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu have switched political allegiances, with the former moving from the APC to the PDP after Ize-Iyamu switched sides. Also, former Edo Governor and APC Chieftain, Adams Oshiomhole, who supported Obaseki in 2016, has been campaigning for Ize-Iyamu.

Both candidates have toured the state in a campaign sometimes marred by violence and hateful talks.

The debate which started at 7:00 pm (WAT) streamed online.

Below are schedules for the live updates

19:00 pm: Both Candidates, Godwin Obaseki and Osagie Ize-Iyamu arrive for the debate.

19:05 pm: Everyone rises for the national anthem.

19:07 pm: Both candidates talk about why they want to be elected governor.

19:30 pm: On Taxation,

Ize-Iyamu: We need to abolish multiple taxation.

So many people are not in the tax net. We are going to support businesses to grow.

Obaseki: Pay as you earn accounts for the largest amount of taxes. What we have done is to try and expand that net.

We have also used technology to ensure that for the low income tax payers, we make it easy for them to pay their taxes.

19:37 pm: On Economic Agenda:

Obaseki: My predecessor in office borrowed recklessly and the Federal Government had to restructure all the debts had been taken before I came into office. The Federal Government restructured outstanding obligations to Edo State to the tune of almost N30 billion and that is what was responsible for adding to the debt stock not the borrowings from this administration.

Ize-Iyamu: It is scandalous to attribute the huge debt to a predecessor that you were the Chief Economic Adviser to.

Sometimes you seem to forget the role you played in the past government.

In the agricultural sector, the loan that the governor has collected is staggering the failed SUBE Project, two million went down the drain. The Agenegbode Rice Project, five billion went down the drain.

The oil-palm project, he collected N69 billion from the central bank and the money has been shared to cronies. No Edo person has benefitted from that money.

19:43 pm Is the Civil Service Over bloated/Will you cut down on the workforce?

Obaseki: No, but the problem is that it is overbloated. we need to bring in more people to work for government, smarter people and we need to train them.

Ize-IyamuNo. I think the model that the governor has tried to adopt, is to reduce the workforce to the barest minimum. but unfortunately, whatever savings he thinks he is making, is not seen in capital projects.

The only vote that has been recorded is his security votes which has increased by over 100% but yet, there is no serious investment in the security sector.

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