Donald Trump has finally spoken as impeachment trial delayed.

OnyxNews Nigeria reports that U.S. President Donald Trump has broken silence 48 hours after he left office, saying he will be back on the political scene soon.

In a brief interview with the conservative Washington Examiner, Trump said ” ‘We’ll do something, but not just yet’.

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It was his first public comment since President Joe Biden was sworn in on Wednesday.

Blocked by Twitter and Facebook, Trump has been limited in speaking his mind, without inhibitions.

And he spoke as U.S. Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer announced that Trump’s second impeachment trial will be delayed till 8 February.

This will allow other urgent businesses, such as cabinet nominations, Biden’s Economic Rescue Plan to be dealt with.

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The change in the impeachment calendar does not however stop Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from submitting the impeachment article as planned on Monday.

However, Trump in low level as he starts his new life as a Florida resident and golf club regular at his Mar a Lago in West Palm Beach.

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