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WhatsApp Introduces New Features, Everything you Need To Know About It



WhatsApp Introduces New Features, Everything you Need To Know About It

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets users create customised digital avatars and choose from various combinations of outfits, hairstyles and facial features. Avatars are already present on Meta’s Messenger, Facebook and Instagram app for users, and these are also making their way to WhatsApp.


According to the blog post, the new WhatsApp Avatar can also be used as a profile photo. Users will have an option of choosing from one of the 36 custom stickers based on their avatar’s actions and emotions. Users will be able to send and share these avatars with family and friends once they have created it.

In the near future, WhatsApp has said they will be adding several new functionalities like lighting, hairstyle textures, shading and other customisation options to enhance the overall experience.


WhatsApp Avatars will gradually roll out to users starting on Wednesday 6 December 2022, so it might take a while before it is available on your device.

In the last few weeks, WhatsApp has added features like the ability to use the same account on two Android devices, (Chat yourself), a message-yourself feature, polls and communities too.


How to use Avatars on WhatsApp

Just open a WhatsApp chat and go to the Stickers option. In iOS, the sticker option is within a chat box–the box where you type the message. On Android, just tap the emoji symbol in the chatbot and at the bottom, you should see a sticker option– next to the GIF search keyboard.

If Avatars are visible on your device, the app will display this when you go to the stickers option within a chat. It did so for iOS and Android. Just tap on Avatars and you will have to create one.


WhatsApp Avatars has many customisation options. A new page will pop up, asking you to get started with creating an avatar on WhatsApp. Tap on ‘Get Started’.

WhatsApp Adds New Feature On Android

You will now get an option to choose your skin tone, followed by hair style, face, eyes, etc. Once you have finalised your avatar, just tap ‘Done’ on the top right corner and save changes. WhatsApp will also let you open the front camera to help ensure your avatar is more realistic.


Once done, click save. Your avatar will be updated and WhatsApp will create stickers with the new avatar. It takes a few minutes for this to happen.

Once ready, stickers should be visible and you can share them directly in any chat.

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